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Join Our Panel, Get Our Newsletter

Tom Crouser February 6, 2012 Comments Off on Join Our Panel, Get Our Newsletter

Join our Panel, Get our Newsletter and Participate in Surveys Let’s both learn the facts about the small press and digital printing industry without cost or obligation on your part; facts on prices, costs and wages. Like what? What do we charge for pricing envelopes printed digitally? What products/services have we added in the past […]

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What Assets Are Usually Sold with Business?

Tom Crouser January 30, 2012 2

Recently I valued a business for a reader and he asked, “Is it common for the seller to finance?” Well, it’s not uncommon but it’s most commonly done for a family member or a long-term employee rather than a stranger. That brought up his other very common question about equipment loans. “Does the seller deduct […]

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A Plan for Your Vacation

Tom Crouser January 27, 2012 5

We owners tend to grant vacation time to employees and then sorta feel like they’re disloyal if they take it because, quite frankly, it means we have to do the work that they would normally do. Not only that but their vacation always happens to be at the worst time possible – when our customers […]

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How to say what you don’t want to say

Tom Crouser January 2, 2012 Comments Off on How to say what you don’t want to say

None of us like confrontations, least not business owners regardless of how ruff and gruff they appear. So how do you deliver a message that you really don’t want to deliver? I don’t have all the answers, but I do have one and here it is: write a script. No, not a lengthy melodramatic script. […]

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How About Breaks?

Tom Crouser December 15, 2011 0

Reader writes -> Hi Tom! As usual – great reading. Could you address best practice with regards to breaks (smoking or otherwise) and lunch breaks? Tom replies -> Be glad to do so. First, there should be no such thing in your business as a smoke break (see below). Second, breaks aren’t required by federal […]

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