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Published 2011. If you aren’t providing this service, then you are missing a big opportunity to not only protect the printing customers you have but to gain more. That’s because we find less than one in five printers currently providing the service which is more reason for you to jump in now for the margins are high and the competition scarce.

Besides, Email Broadcasting is growing. Why? It first relates to the very definition of email marketing. Email marketing is a process of soliciting business prospects via email vs. direct mail which is both an opportunity and a threat to us. It’s an opportunity for every direct mail customer has now or will soon have an email component to their solicitation. The threat is that we fail to provide support for the customer and they convert their entire program to email marketing, dropping print altogether. Second, the penetration of electronic devices as part of our normal communications will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Either way, Email Marketing will grow as a revenue source for those of us flexible enough to adapt to a change in thinking.

Contrary to what some of us printers feel, this type of email distribution is not spam. It is most often opt-in email like you are reading now. At some point you were contacted and agreed to receive our emails or purchased a product from us. As a result, we have a “relationship” as well as meet the requirements of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

Well, what did I find out? I found that a number of printers price the service by the hour. That’s not so surprising. What is surprising however is the number of printers who felt the need to price it BELOW their current rates. The vast majority priced it either at or above their current pre-press rates. In the report, I give you precisely the rates I recommend as well as address the problems we run into when we use hourly rates. Like what? Well, hourly rates often create unusual situations where the job was $200 last time but should be only $125 this time leaving the printer in a pricing quandary. An Appendix in the report addresses issues with hourly rates. The CAN-SPAM Act Compliance Guide for Business is included as well.

I recommend developing a price list (yes, we include one of those as well) so that you don’t give away the advantages of the increased speed gained with repeating jobs (learning curve) and other issues. Additionally, one appendix of the report addresses common issues with hourly rates and another is a CAN-SPAM Act Compliance Guide for Business.

$20 – Digital Download – 25 Page Report – Originally $75

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