Business Value Estimates

Question: Did I see somewhere that your company does business valuations? If you do, we would be interested in having one done for our business. What are your fees?

Answer: Yes, we do an “estimate of value” for print shops which costs $1,750. We develop a value range as well as specific value based on financial methods bankers use, not printer-invented ones.

Business ValuationNow, the difference between what we do, and a full-business valuation is that ours does not involve an onsite visit, nor is it as detailed and therefore not useful in a contentious transition or a legal action such as divorce or an IRS dispute. Here you need someone to not only provide a detailed valuation, but who also would support it through testimony in court. Of course, these types of full valuations run more – typically $8-$12,000 in many cases.

Our estimates of value are most useful for retirement planning as well as internal transitions such as selling to a son/daughter or employee. So, it depends on the level of detail and support you need. Message me if you have an interest at

In the meantime, here’s hoping that all your trails will be happy ones.

Tom Crouser