Crouser Pricing for PrintSmith Vision

Price: $575.00

An annual subscription to the Crouser Small Offset Guide is available as an EFI PrintSmith Vision integrated module that allows the user to look up our OFFSET PRINTING PRICES while in PrintSmith Vision and use them in estimates OR use the calculated prices from the EFI PrintSmith engine. Your choice. It’s a great way to check your pricing against our market pricing for added value on the fly.

Authorization for your PrintSmith Vision system is available within 24 hours of you providing your serial number (“CrouserID”) from your current PrintSmith Vision installation. 

This product is great for new EFI PrintSmith Vision users: This plug-in module is perfect for the print shop that is just starting with EFI PrintSmith and wishes a quick way to start generating prices and estimates. You don’t even have to add paper to get started as we include our generic stock tables to get you up and running in no time flat! You can then add your specific papers as you wish. Then you can choose between the generic paper values we supply or your specific paper costs for generating Crouser values.

What it is: this PrintSmith Vision plug-in allows you to access the Crouser Guide values and return our value on specific line items. You can think of it as a look up table within PrintSmith allowing you to compare your PrintSmith calculated press line item price with a similar value from our catalog.

What it is not: it does not contain press/copier definitions or markups that may be input into your PrintSmith definitions to return our value. That’s because the formulas used to return Crouser pricing are different than the formulas used in PrintSmith Vision so they will never return the exact same price except through chance.

Additionally, subscribers to this CrouserSmith module receive our Offset Price Guide (Windows or Mac) for no additional cost. This is a separate Windows-based program which is great to use when you are establishing your price curve in EFI PrintSmith or use as a stand-alone pricing program. This additional module is included with your annual subscription at no additional cost. For specific information on our different guides, click on the following links:

Offset Price Guide (Windows or Mac)
Digital Printing Price Guide (Windows or Mac)
Save! Buy Both Offset and Digital Guides – Learn More Here

Your subscription does not include the EFI PrintSmith Vision software which you need to operate the Crouser Guide plug-in. For more information on the EFI PrintSmith programs Click Here

Our module is an annual subscription. Click on Add to Cart at the top of this page to order. Major credits cards and PayPal accepted.

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