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  • Price GuideSmall Offset Guide (Classic Printed Manual)  $385 yearly subscription plus $25 shipping for one year subscription. Order now. This original Crouser Small Press Offset Pricing Guide is still available in printed form! First published in 1989 and updated yearly since. Be competitive in both the low runs (where you get more $ per unit) and longer runs where you can be competitive with larger presses without giving your profit away. Also includes all estimating standards of different stocks (set-up and run times) used in establishing price curves in automated estimating systems such as EFI PrintSmith. No other printing price guide shows the estimated time in different press runs. All this and more! Click title to learn more/order.
  • Price GuideSmall Offset Guide (Software) $325 yearly subscription. Digital Delivery.  Software for Windows or Mac. Lookup our values or create a price book from the convenience of your computer. Bookmark favorite pages and name them anything you want (i.e. Special Customer Pricing and yes, you may have additional pages with different titles). Print the bookmarked pages or flick to them quickly within the program. Plus, much more. Click title to learn more/order.
  • price guidesDigital Printing Guide (Software) $325 yearly subscription. View and/or print our latest prices for digital duplicators and presses including Digital Envelopes. Use this industry standard pricing to compete in your marketplace. There is no printed version of this guide as it contains the equivalent of over 13,000 printed pages yet flick from one price to another almost instantly. Click title to learn more/order.
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    Combo: Offset and Digital Software $512 yearly subscription for both offset and digital prices. Digital Delivery.  Small Press Offset Guide (software for Mac or Windows) and Digital Press Printing Guide (software for Mac or Windows). Click title to learn more/order.
  • price guidesPrintSmith Plug In for Vision
    Crouser Offset Price Plug In for PrintSmith $575 yearly subscription. Digital Delivery. This EFI PrintSmith plug-in module (often referred to as CrouserSmith) allows the user to look up our small offset prices while in PrintSmith Vision and use them in estimates OR use the calculated prices from the EFI PrintSmith engine. Your choice. It’s a great way to check your pricing against ours for added value on the fly. Requires EFI PrintSmith Vision to use. Click title to learn more/order.
  • Markups: Pricing Brokered Work $50 Digital Delivery One misunderstood areas of pricing printing is markups on “brokered work,” or work purchased from an outside vendor and resold. Frequently I find a flat amount of markup applied to all jobs: small dollar or large, low risk or high risk and, most importantly, the factor itself is often too low. Provides Recommended Markups (typical, high and minimum) for Low Cost ($200 or less), Medium Cost ($200 to $1,000) and High Cost ($1,000 plus) items. This price advisory addresses these issues and more. Click title to learn more/order.
  • price guides“Oldies But Goodies” Price Advisories/Reports From FREE to $20. Digital Delivery. Click on title to view these “out of date but not out of relevance” advisories containing pertinent information on subjects even if the values could be a little dated. Priced appropriately. Includes 2012 Product/Service Trend Report as well as Price Advisories on Scanbacks; Email Broadcasting; Websites; UV Coating; QR Codes; and Laminating.