12 Secrets of Digital Success

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By John Giles

Best practices to help quick print shops use digital technology profitably

Digital technology has become a mainstay in today’s printing company but many printers find it more of a problem than an advantage. Whether it is a customer file, the website, or a computer-to-plate system, digital technology can be disruptive and do more harm than good. Do you have any of these digital issues?

  • Do you feel like technology is holding you hostage?
  • Is your prepress department losing money?
  • Is it still hard to get good files from customers?
  • Is your website helping you sell more printing?
  • Are you getting the most out of your digital equipment?

In this book, John Giles outlines the 12 secrets successful printers are using to make money with digital technology. When used properly, digital technology can give you a competitive advantage to increase sales and lower costs.

With this book, you will learn:

  • How to organize the shop for digital success
  • How to find the right digital customers
  • Why you must have digital standards
  • What makes a successful website
  • How to develop the right employees
  • How to profitably price customer-created files
  • and much more…

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