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  • Estimate of Print Shop Value Buying another shop and don’t want to overpay? Or plan on retiring someday with the business as a significant part of your assets? It is for most of us. And since many of us are depending upon selling our business to retire; it makes sense to find out what it is worth now. That way we will know if we’re on track or have work to do to improve its value. Click on title to learn more/secure estimate.
  • Business Performance Review a comprehensive and confidential analysis of your business and a report designed to identify threats and solutions.
  • 2 Day Challenge I am confident we can help you meet your challenge whether it is to increase cash, free up time, help increase sales or even plan to transition (sell) your business with our 2 Day analysis. With over 30 years of proven success, we bring our best efforts to help with your challenge. And the best part is, you answer questions; we do the work; and then we plan together. Click on title to learn more/secure estimate.
  • CPrint Gold – a monthly program to help you reach your goals combining all of the services of Certified Printers International.
  • CPrint Silver If you are in the ten-year “window” of retirement, I invite you to join our panel where you will get information on these topics and more. No cost or obligation.
  • CPrint Coaching – All the best athletes in the world have a coach. Work with business coaches Tom Crouser and John Giles monthly as they assist you in increasing sales, cutting costs and improving your business.
  • CPrint Cash and Budgets – Three biggest problems in most businesses are cash, cash and cash. And while it may seem improbable, cash is one of the more straightforward problems to solve. Our cash analysis as well as ongoing comparison of actual versus planned helps keep any owner on the path to solving cash problems.

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