Special Editions – Portable (USB)

This page lists specific versions of our software products that we offer for sale. You should only download and install these versions if you have been directed here from our support staff or know exactly why you need one of these special versions. Our regular downloads can be accessed by clicking here: Software Downloads. To download any file, simply right click on the link and select “Save Target As…”

The Windows versions of our software that are available here, do not request elevated administrator rights before they are run. As such, they should only be used on a USB drive, or installed to a specific directory outside of the regular “Program Files”.

Crouser’s Digital Pricing 2024 – (USB)

Filename: digital-usb-2024.zip
Platform: Windows (USB)
File Size: 109.7MB (PC)

Crouser’s Offset Pricing 2024 – (USB)

Filename: offset-usb-2023.zip
Platform: Windows (USB)
File Size: 11.7MB (PC)

Crouser’s Digital Pricing 2023 – (USB)

Filename: digital-usb-2023.zip
Platform: Windows (USB)
File Size: 94.1MB (PC)

Crouser’s Offset Pricing 2023 – (USB)

Filename: offset-usb-2023.zip
Platform: Windows (USB)
File Size: 12.4MB (PC)

For best results, right click the download button and Save Target As… to your Desktop. Windows Minimum Requirements: Windows XP or higher. 32bit or 64bit (64bit supported only on Vista and higher) 256 megs of RAM minimum for XP, 512 megs of RAM for Vista or higher. Mac OS X 10.13.x or higher required, minimum 512 megs of RAM.