Shop Books

by Tom Crouser and John Giles

  • ProsperingProspering: Putting the Business to Work for You and Your Family in 5 Basic Steps by Tom Crouser. $19.95 plus shipping. Paperback. One: understanding who we are and what we want. We’re not like the big guys. Two: use facts, not feelings – the financial roadmap. Three: organize around functions, not people. Four: understand how to compete on our real battleground. And five: Prospering. It’s how you ride, it’s not a destination. And one guaranteed and one probable challenge you’ll face if you do everything right and reach Prospering. Click title to learn more/order.
  • 12 Secrets of Digital Success by John Giles. $55 plus shipping. Paperback. In this book, John outlines the 12 secrets successful printers use to make money with digital technology. When used properly, digital technology can give you a competitive advantage to increase sales and lower costs. With this book, you will learn: how to organize the shop for digital success; how to find the right digital customers; why you must have digital standards; what makes a successful website; how to develop the right employees; how to profitably price customer-created files; and much more… Click title to learn more/order.