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Order BOTH Offset & Digital and Save $80!

By purchasing an annual subscription to both the digital and offset guides together, you save $80 off the price of the two products if purchased separately! Print your own price pages. “Bookmark” your favorite pages and name them anything you want. Get price and program updates throughout the year, right from your Internet connection! Every single page of the guide, in one easy to use downloadable program. Plus, one license entitles you to use it on all of the computers throughout your shop AND at home! Pricing has never been easier.

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Windows or Mac, or BOTH?

Your platform is up to you. One yearly subscription gives you access or both Windows and Mac native software. You can mix and match the computers in your shop.

The Crouser Small Press Offset Pricing Guide is in a software format for Windows. It also can be run on a Mac that emulates Windows as well. Print your own price pages and create your own price book or use the program to estimate prices. “Bookmark” your favorite pages within the program and name them anything you want (Big Corp’s Special Pricing, etc.). Print out the bookmarked pages or flick to them quickly within the program. And you may use our “One-Click Capture” to grab a price out of the software and paste it into your estimating software with a quick toggle. For more specifics on the Offset Price Guide (Windows or Mac), click here

The Crouser Digital Printing Price Guide (Windows or Mac) allows you to view and print our latest prices for digital output devices (duplicators and presses). Don’t leave money on the table, use this industry standard pricing to compete in your marketplace. There is no printed version of this guide as it contains the equivalent of over 13,000 printed pages yet flicking from one price to another is almost instantaneous. Also get program updates throughout the year, right through your Internet connection. For more specifics about the Digital Printing Price Guide (Windows), click here

Space Requirements: both Small Press Offset software guide and Digital Printing guide reside on your computer. Small Press Offset guide on Windows requires about 14 megs and the Digital Printing guide requires some 110 megs. Main reason is the Digital Printing guide, if printed, would consist of about 13,000 pages. Windows program uses compression and decompresses the program and pages in memory instead of your hard drive. For the Mac, it is different. Without compression the Small Press Offset on Mac requires some 150 megs and the Digital Guide requires 1.5 gigs.

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Instructional Video
Below is a ‘how to” guide on operation of the Crouser Digital Printing Guide (Small Offset Guide operates similarly) as well as showing some of the program’s neat features such as “One Click Capture.” Also learn the two VERY DIFFERENT methods used by printers for pricing second side imaging. See why grid price lists always result in selling higher quantities for less than lower quantities (Fault Lines). See the different views (forms) you may access of the same information in the Crouser Guide as well as how to use and interpret the multiple-on tables and multiple-page originals. See how you can use the unique bookmarking process to customize the Guide to accommodate special pricing situations.

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