10 Ways to Increase Sales without Cold Calls

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Increase Sales without Cold Calls

Tom Crouser has consulted one-on-one with printing companies for over thirty years now and has seen these 10 basic ideas work. They’re not ways to make you rich and famous, but these are ways to increase sales without gimmicks or making cold calls and regardless of the type shop: digital, offset or even letterpress. Fact is, all companies should be using them because, well, they will increase sales.

I know “selling” is the last thing many of us want to do and so we don’t. But, I also know that many with down sales also tell me they’re not doing anything about it. No direct mail, no sales calls, no email broadcasts, no networking, no nothing.

Result is that even in the best of times over 60% of printers’ sales are down compared to the prior year. In bad times, it’s as much as 90%. I know. I’ve measured it. That got me thinking. How can we generate business when we need to but don’t want to do what’s necessary? I know several ways. And thus the development of this report, “10 Ways to Increase Sales without Making Cold Calls.”

These are not gimmicks. Just solid customer service and management tips that I have seen work over the years. They’re not the only ways, but they are proven ways. Now, don’t get me wrong. These methods won’t make us rich and famous. But they will increase sales without sales calls. So, everyone should be using these techniques whether we need to increase sales or not. Why? Because they will increase sales for even the most aggressive/growing print shops. Duh.

So, here are the TEN ways to increase sales without making cold calls.

  1. Price Faster, not more accurately
  2. Now follow up quickly and know what to say
  3. Know three numbers every day
  4. Plan for slow months, not the busy ones
  5. Ask for the sale using a non-threatening method
  6. Remind customers of repeating jobs
  7. Put word of mouth to work for you, really.
  8. Rejuvenate lost customers
  9. Let prospects know you are here
  10. Offer new stuff to your customers so they may buy it
  11. Bonus: Contact your neighbors

While some of these methods sound simplistic, understand they’re proven. I know. I’ve seen them operate for over 30 years now in hundreds of shops throughout the country. I also know most don’t use them. So, use them and increase sales.

Only $5 a tip. Inexpensive and priceless…

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