Oldies but Goodies: Price Advisories/Reports

Oldies Price AdvisoriesOut of date but not out of relevance. These “Oldies but Goodies” Price Advisories/Reports still contain pertinent information on subjects even if the values are a little dated. Appropriately priced.

Product and Service Trends Among Printers Report (2012) $0 FREE Digital Delivery – includes equipment and service additions printers made 2010-2012 as well as projected add-ons 2012-2014. 2012 Sales Sources by category (offset, digital, etc.); percentage of shops offering services by category; participant comments and more. Click on title to learn more/order.

Email Broadcasting Price Advisory $20 Digital Delivery – Published 2011. Price advisory on creating and distributing email broadcasts (email blasts) for customers to their customers as well as approaches to use with customers switching to email from print; difference between email broadcasting and SPAM; and a recommendation for an email broadcast service provider. An Appendix in the report addresses issues with hourly rates. The CAN-SPAM Act Compliance Guide for Business is included as well. Click on title to learn more/order.

Laminating Price Advisory $10 – Digital Download. 2011. What should printers charge for plastic laminating? This study was done in September 2011 among 83 small press and digital printers using standard thermal (heat setting) laminating films and includes a range of survey price results as well as Crouser Recommended Pricing. The study covers roll-fed and pouch laminating. Click on title to learn more/order.

Scanback Originals to PDF Price Advisory $10 – Digital Download. 2011. What do we charge for scanning documents into PDF files? Most digital duplicators come with the ability to convert originals (from hard copies or files) to searchable PDF files. Great. Now, what do we charge for it. Is there a minimum charge? What about scanning at a higher DPI? What about formats larger than legal/letter? These are just some of the questions answer in this survey report. Report includes comments from participants as well as Crouser recommended basic scanning prices. Click on title to learn more/order.

UV Coating Price Advisory (offline) $10 – Digital Download. This report not only discloses what others are charging for Off-line UV Coating; but recommends what you should charge for the service. Additionally the report includes background information on the purpose of coating; reasons why you should consider buying a UV coater (if you are doing digital output of rough-handled items such as postcards and business cards); common operational issues with the process; background and differences of the three types of coatings we use (varnish, aqueous and UV Coating); details on four vendors often cited by small press printers and the equipment that these vendors recommend for our types of shops including basic specifications and list prices. Click on title to learn more/order.

Website Price Advisory $10 – 2011. In this report you will find a recommended price list of website development functions as well as recommendations on hourly rates. The majority in our sample (51%) used a combination of pre-packaged pricing and hourly rates for the purpose of estimating costs to a customer. Prepackaged websites includes: Basic Static HTML Website Design; Advanced Static HTML Website Design; Custom Static HTML Website Design; and ECOMMERCE Webstore. Click on title to learn more/order.