Crouser Guide to Offset Printing 2024 (Printed)

The annual subscription to the original Crouser Small Press Offset Pricing Guide in printed form.

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Why use the Crouser Guide?
Mainly because the prices for small offset are competitive in both the low runs (where you get more $ per unit) and longer runs where you can be competitive with larger presses without giving your profit away. Also included are our estimating standards for different stocks (set-up and run times) that you may use in establishing your own price curves in automated estimating systems such as EFI PrintSmith. No other printing price guide shows the amount of time that is estimated in different press runs. You only get this in the Crouser Small Press Pricing Guide!

The guide is easy to use and especially saves time and effort for owners in that it can be taught to others quickly. Special pricing for special customers? No problem no more. Using our exclusive bookmarking system you can set up specific price tables for specific customers and/or specific jobs. No more do you have to worry about two people from the same shop coming up with different prices for your special customers.

What about Regional Variations?
Prices do tend to vary from region to region but there’s even more variation within regions. Consider downtown Atlanta (high price area) vs. Charlton County, Georgia (lower price area). We solve this by providing a low (X), middle (Y) and high (Z) price lists for all recommended prices. Besides, we have more in common price-wise than differences because costs to produce (while they do vary) tend to be similar because our costs of paper, equipment and many overhead items are similar. What is not similar is cost of wages, service and some other overhead items such as rent. Nonetheless, the spreads are encompassed within our low (X), middle (Y) and high (Z) price schedules.

What is The Crouser Secret Formula?
There are three important steps. First we are the only pricing service that uses a panel of real printers to update market prices. Second, we then compare market prices with a cost plus routine based on budget hour rates and markup which is the industry’s way of calculating offset prices. Third, and most importantly, we allow the prices to rise to meet market rates when possible but use the cost plus prices as a floor for pricing so you are still passing your costs along if market rates fall below the small press rates.

What are the rates we use for calculating cost? We’re the only Price Advisory Service to disclose not only the budget hour rates we use, but the estimating standards (time required to produce) as well as markups. Coupled with the fact that all Crouser prices consider your cost of paper so you don’t have to guess at the cost of paper as done in some other services.

Unique to the Crouser Offset Pricing Guide is the fact that the capacity utilization rate (amount of chargeable time) rises as the run length increases. The budget hour rate or estimating standards used doesn’t change. Again, we disclose these values to you so you may compare your own costs.

Add it up and it’s simple. It saves time because you can teach others to use the guide quickly. Finding prices in our book is fast.

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