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We Don’t Get to Choose Who is Independent Contractor

Tom Crouser December 11, 2011 0

Reader Writes -> Hi Tom: During our busy season we call in people to help in production. These folks may work three to forty hours depending on our needs. I resist adding them to payroll; rather I pay them as contract labor, providing a 1099 at year’s end. But I have too many in this […]

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Articles You May Have Missed

Tom Crouser December 5, 2011 0

Here’s a list of articles you may have missed. Thought they would be of interest to you. Report: entrepreneurs losing revenues, profit and sleep – but not determination Small business bosses fear competition from more digitally savvy rivals Survey sez many small businesses seeing little growth in 2011; optomistic about 2012 … more Take care […]

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Handling Customer Postage in Financials

Tom Crouser November 29, 2011 2

Reader writes: Does your chart of accounts manual include accounts appropriate for mailing services such as collecting postage, paying discounted postage, etc.? That is something I haven’t really been able to wrap my brain around for our Chart of Accounts…. Tom: Yes it does, Dale. BUT it’s more complicated than just having the accounts on the […]

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Help! Worker Pregnant ….

Tom Crouser November 27, 2011 0

Reader writes: Tom, our new hire CSR is pregnant. I hired her to help with deliveries, customer service and sales. Turns out she is about six weeks along and has a bad case of morning sickness. Looks like making deliveries is out for her at this point. She works in a part time capacity. Do […]

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Hard to be Thankful isn’t it?

Tom Crouser November 22, 2011 1

As a business owner, it sure seems hard to find things to be thankful for this week. For most of us, sales are still down, the economy is the worst since the great depression, government is having a hard time functioning and there is no end in sight. Our reliable customers are using less of […]

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