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Leading Means Legislating

Tom Crouser November 1, 2011 0

Article 1 of 4 A leader is one who leads; not one who follows the whims of those led. A leader deals with needs of their followers, not their wants. A business owner must lead; otherwise whatever happens, well, happens. I was reminded of that recently and further reminded that the leader must not only […]

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Does Section 179 Change Matter?

Tom Crouser October 24, 2011 0

Right now in the U.S., you can deduct up to $500,000 of new or used equipment purchased in the year it goes into service but that will drop to $25,000 in 2012. Should you go buy a bunch of equipment IF nothing changes? Not so fast. As I have argued for years; Section 179 depreciation […]

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Selling Customer Accounts

Tom Crouser October 18, 2011 0

Reader closing print shop and Tom suggests he still could raise cash by selling accounts and details typical transaction. Not the preferred way to do it, but better than nothing. Reader writes: Tom, reading your post on when to quit hits exactly where I am. Due to many factors I have pared down to being […]

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Pricing What We’ve Never Done Before

Tom Crouser October 10, 2011 0

[This is the fourth in a series of four articles on price. The previous three articles were: Cost or Market; Price Level Not Directly Related to Profits; and the Case of Perfect Price. Links to all 4 articles are at the end of this post] How do we price something that we’ve never done before? […]

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Fair Market Value Not Really Fair

Tom Crouser October 8, 2011 0

Reader expects Fair Market Value at the end of a lease to be based on value of the equipment. Tom says Fair Market Value isn’t “fair” and explains why. Reader asks: Was wondering if you knew how to find out the “fair market value” on a machine. We’ve got a lease ending in a few […]

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