Where do Print Shops go from here?

Tom Crouser February 7, 2012 Comments Off on Where do Print Shops go from here?

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Products and services printers have added the last two years and their plans for the next two are the best predictors of where this industry is headed. Information based on data collected from 185 printers in January 2012 shows that 54% of all expansion was in tangible products (wide format, more digital capacity, signs) while a full 46% was intangible products and services such as web and sales based services. This report details by category the additions by category.

Not only that but the report reveals 84% of the group had reduced revenues from offset. Even though, offset still accounts for 39% of total sales. While only 5% of the shops in the survey were digital-only shops, they are appear to be the as only two out of our 185 responses (0.01%) indicated offset printing capacity was or will be added vs. a total of 32% who have added or plan to add digital printing capacity.

Additional questions in this report include: what budget changes have the participants made over the past twenty four months as well as what non-budgetary changes have been made? An add-on question regarded advertising the business on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or similar Internet sites. Report includes comments from recipients.

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