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  • Understanding Financials $100. Windows-based computer program (sorry no Mac version). Digital download available within 24 hours of purchase. Digital Delivery.Self-paced learning system about financial statements specifically tailored for printing companies. This unique Windows-based program contains eight easy-to-understand programs: Basic Accounting Concepts; Attest Letter; Balance Sheet; Income Statement; Statement Cash Flows; Stmt Retained Earnings and Footnotes; Depreciation; and Inventory. Sports analogies used to illustrate many points. Includes unique graphics animating many concepts. Requires Adobe Flash to view. Click title to learn more/order.
  • Why We Don’t Do What We Should (Audio) $19.95 Digital Delivery. 6 MP3 Audio Programs. Plays on any platform that supports MP3 files. Six modules include: What Should We Be Doing Anyway?; 7 Reasons We Don’t Act; Why We Burn Out; Finding What Really Drives You; Writing Your Goals So You Will Act; and Dealing with Hardcore Hesitancy. Click title to learn more/order.