Trade Customs vs. Terms and Conditions of Sale

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Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions of Sales is what you need. Trade customs will do you little good in a legal dispute with a customer, as they are typically the last things a court would look to in settling a commercial dispute. And even then, they will use these as a guide, not as gospel. Even verbal contracts (printer said he would give me the negatives) often supersede trade customs as a basis for a settlement. Far more important to the printer is the terms and conditions of a specific sale (the contract) between the buyer and the seller.

Fix it with Terms and Conditions

However, there is one way to solidify your position and that is to republish these trade customs as “Terms and Conditions of Sale.” Usually it is done on the back of all invoices. This then incorporates these terms and conditions into the specific contract you have with your customer.

However, for specific information on implementing this concept within the context of your state’s law, please contact your local honest lawyer. But this document will help remind you of all the many things that needs to be covered. And then, of course, you may add some of your own in your “terms and conditions.”

This product is a PDF report which is delivered to you immediately (see receipt for download link), 6 pages.

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