What They Don’t Tell You About Pay “Gotchas”

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What They Don't Tell You About Pay

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Issues in Pay

When you hire an employee, it’s assumed you know about the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. Tom Crouser reveals the most common “gotchas” he has seen over the last 30 years as well answers the most common questions owners have about payroll in our kinds of shops.


  • When payroll begins and ends
  • “Voluntary” overtime
  • Recording time
  • Uninterrupted lunch period
  • Counting minutes
  • Workweek
  • Payday
  • Pay period
  • Pay period other than weekly
  • Calculating overtime for hourly workers
  • Calculating overtime when payday is other than weekly
  • Comp time
  • Holiday and vacation hours, count for overtime or not?
  • Double time and double time and one-half
  • Payroll for training?
  • Salary vs. hourly
  • Salary exempt and salary non-exempt
  • Salary earnings test
  • Qualifications for salary exempt
  • Exemption classes: executive, professional, administrative and outside sales
  • Dealing with salary-exempt; two overtime methods
  • Half-time pay

Plus, questions and answers from the field. Specifically: letting people go after 40 hours worked; paying family members; bonuses and overtime; extra minutes worked preparing or closing for the day; counting time; vacation pay for outside salespeople; and requiring employees to maintain telephone.

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