10 Easy Features of Major Account Program

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10 Easy Features

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10 Easy Features of Major Account Program

A Major Account Program is a set of benefits or services that a major account customer gets from your company that the normal customer doesn’t. Qualification as a Major Account is based on purchases or the amount of anticipated purchases. It is similar to a hotel or airline loyalty program, but different. This report contains 10 Easy Features that most printers provide but fail to sell in their program.

Many don’t “sell” because we don’t feel we have anything to sell beyond price and delivery … therefore it is hard getting excited about selling when we are not excited about our service/products … In short, we are no different than the guy down the street … ergo, we have nothing to sell so we don’t.

Qualifications: not all customers qualify. Set a minimum amount of annual purchases. Lacking any other information, I’d set $1,000 a month or $12,000 a year as a minimum purchase level.

Marketing waste is providing any feature or service that we don’t sell. That’s because unless we reminder the customer of what they are buying, then they don’t give us credit for providing it.

And if they’re not going to give us credit for it; why are we providing it in the first place as it only adds to our costs without benefiting our income.

It’s waste.

In this report are ten features that nearly everyone can provide. Don’t overlook even the smallest feature and turn it into a benefit – making deliveries that you commonly do without charge may be turned into a delivery and stocking service, for instance.

This product is a PDF report which is delivered to you immediately (see receipt for download link), 5 pages.

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