Crouser Pricing for PrintSmith 2018 Download

By entering your PrintSmith serial number and downloading the software, you agree to the terms and conditions as listed above. Now available: Crouser Pricing for PrintSmith 2018 released on Dec 22th, 2017. Please remove any previous versions of the Crouser Pricing for PrintSmith from your records.

  • If your serial number begins with a "0" do not type the zero. For example, if my serial number is 09999, I would type 9999 into the box above.

  • Due to changes with the PrintSmith program, you must be running PrintSmith 8.1.3 or greater to utilize the Crouser Pricing module.

  • You will receive zip archive containing 4 serialized files. The files are serialized for use on your PrintSmith system. The files can not be used on any other system. Only one file can be installed and used at a time.

  • If you are running a version of PrintSmith older than 8.1.13 you can request that we serialize 2011 files for you by giving us a call or email.