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Tom Crouser February 6, 2012 Comments Off on Join Our Panel, Get Our Newsletter

Join our Panel, Get our Newsletter and Participate in Surveys

Let’s both learn the facts about the small press and digital printing industry without cost or obligation on your part; facts on prices, costs and wages.

Like what? What do we charge for pricing envelopes printed digitally? What products/services have we added in the past two years and what do we plan to add in the next two? How much do we charge for digital printing flat sheets? What’s the charge for off-line UV coating or scan backs of originals to searchable PDF formats? That’s not to mention our annual Wage and Benefit Study. These are just a few of the reports we have generated in the past year with more to come this year.

And it’s free! Free, that is, if you participate fully in the survey. If you don’t, then you may buy a copy for a reasonable rate (usually $50 or $75). And, even if you don’t participate or purchase a study, summary information is typically published in the Crouser Report itself.

Way this works: you receive the Crouser Report via email every week. Here you will not only find pertinent articles but also survey invitations. These surveys are open for a specific period (typically 10 days) and you may choose to participate or not.

If you are too busy or the survey doesn’t pertain, ignore the request. Of course, if you do participate your individual results are confidential. Reports are published within 15 days after the close of the survey.
It’s as easy as that.

One last thing, please add to your address book so my messages won’t be caught up in your spam filter. Now, fill in the form below and let’s get started ….

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