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2017 Price Guides Now Available!

December 26, 2016

Crouser & Associates, Inc. is proud to announce the release of our 2017 software for estimating printing on offset and digital presses. Both guides for Digital and Offset (PC and Mac versions) are now available for purchase and download from our website. Crouser Pricing 2017 for PrintSmith Classic and/or PrintSmith Vision has also been released […]

Interviewing: Usually Wasted Effort

October 8, 2016

Probably the least valuable thing we do when hiring a new employee is interviewing. Most of us talk more than we listen. We don’t prepare questions in advance, rather “wing it” and spent most of our time trying to sell the interviewee on why they should come to work for us. We ask feel-good questions […]

CPrint® Academy Training

November 18, 2014

CPrint® Academy provides online training for your printing employees in a wide range of topics. After all, what’s worse? Train workers and they leave? Or, don’t train them and they stay? Introducing CPrint Academy Customers buy from people they trust and like, so how do they develop trust with someone? Customers will trust someone when […]

Owners Problems of their Own Making

February 2, 2014

Business transitions, or lack of them, can cause unusual owners problems in a business. Red Lily Printing is one where it created a stand-off where owners aren’t paid for performance: rather are paid for hours worked. The result is the business is rudderless and it has created a tangle of time “having to work.” This article is […]

How Not to Sell a Business – Part II

December 26, 2013

Joe was a franchised print shop owner for twelve years before selling out of desperation. He compounded his problem by using the Ouija board approach to choosing a buyer (last month’s article) and now he chooses the wrong way to sell along with a couple of other bad decisions. Hopefully, we can learn something from […]

Online Business Assistance

December 26, 2013

Through the magic of the Internet, Tom Crouser is able to bring consulting to your office without the high cost of travel. While not the same as a face-to-face meeting, we use this technology to assist in helping clients focus on their budgets and action plans through follow-up meetings, pre-visit planning and consulting on specific […]