Shop Training/Education

  • CPrint AcademyCPrint Academy $495 year subscription covers everyone in your shop. Subscription activated within 48 hours of order. Digital Delivery. Daily workday email training tip plus 24/7 online access to printing specific programs, quizzes and tests in a wide range of topics. Click title to download current catalog, see a CPrint Academy Tour, sample programs, sample quizzes, sign up for sample daily training messages and/or download a sample study guide. Customers buy from people they trust. We develop that trust when we demonstrate we know what we are talking about. So, train printing product knowledge the easy way with your subscription to CPrint Academy. Click title to learn more/order.
  • Understanding Financials $100. Windows-based computer program (sorry no Mac version). Digital download available within 24 hours of purchase. Digital Delivery.Self-paced learning system about financial statements specifically tailored for printing companies. This unique Windows-based program contains eight easy-to-understand programs: Basic Accounting Concepts; Attest Letter; Balance Sheet; Income Statement; Statement Cash Flows; Stmt Retained Earnings and Footnotes; Depreciation; and Inventory. Sports analogies used to illustrate many points. Includes unique graphics animating many concepts. Requires Adobe Flash to view. Click title to learn more/order.
  • Why We Don’t Do What We Should (Audio) $19.95 Digital Delivery. 6 MP3 Audio Programs. Plays on any platform that supports MP3 files. Six modules include: What Should We Be Doing Anyway?; 7 Reasons We Don’t Act; Why We Burn Out; Finding What Really Drives You; Writing Your Goals So You Will Act; and Dealing with Hardcore Hesitancy. Click title to learn more/order.