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Tom Crouser November 18, 2014 Comments Off on CPrint® Academy Training

CPrint® Academy provides online training for your printing employees in a wide range of topics. After all, what’s worse? Train workers and they leave? Or, don’t train them and they stay?

Introducing CPrint Academy

Customers buy from people they trust and like, so how do they develop trust with someone? Customers will trust someone when they believe that person knows what they are talking about. Of course, the owner knows what they are talking about, but what about the CSRs and others who are on the front line with customers? How do they learn? They learn through osmosis, stand around and watch you, or you train them. How do you train them?

Now there is an easy way to train printing product knowledge and that’s with your subscription to CPrint Academy.

What is CPrint® Academy Training?

CPrint® Academy is our collection of online resources, dedicated to training your staff for the printing industry. Here is what a subscription to CPrint® Academy includes:

CPrint Academy Tip of the Day: a short work day email reinforces a product knowledge or nice-nice topic. The tip is delivered every work day morning of the year (8 am Easter; 5 am Pacific). Click here and we’ll send you five separate sample emails right away so you can get the drift.

Online Classes: Short (6 to 8 minute) classes may be viewed by your employees online 24/7 from work, home or anywhere. These straight to the point sessions are short enough that even the most harried worker can find the time for learning. Check out this sample program Introduction to Paper embedded below.

What Kind of Classes? Classes on specific technical issues as well as customer service training.

Customer Service: 5 Steps in Developing Customer Relations; importance of price and negative effect of discounting; giving good email and phone etiquette.

Technical Issues: customer files (accepting customer files, 19 questions and answers about file standards and what are the industry standards); color including Color Basics as well as a short class specifically on RGB vs. CMYK; color problems in customer files; font problems in customer files; what you need to know about type, type terms, famous people of type; paper introduction, paper characteristics, paper making, advanced paper topics and a short history of Letterpress to Digital; how we got where we are today.

New material is added each month.

Click here to download a PDF with complete descriptions of all currently available classes.

How much? You would think we would charge a bunch as well charge additionally per seat for each worker enrolled but we don’t. Instead this complete training package is yours for only $495 per year which covers everyone in your shop you wish to have accounts.

Price: $495.00

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