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Do You Take a Real Vacation?

Tom Crouser February 1, 2011 0

I thought it appropriate to ask, “Do you ever take a real vacation?” Why? Well, many business owners are more martyrs than managers and confuse service with servitude. If you feel some of this applies to you and would like a solution, then read on …

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Most of us Don’t Want Increased Sales

Tom Crouser January 30, 2011 0

Want to throw you in on a discussion I was having with some business owners and it’s about why most of us don’t want more sales … I say most of us DON’T WANT MORE SALES. Sure, we’d like more sales, but we don’t need them. WHY do I say that? If we really needed […]

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Mistakes Drive You Nuts?

Tom Crouser January 27, 2011 0

While in Chicago I was asked, “Do you have any incentives for production workers?” Well, yes but I asked, “What are you trying to achieve?” To boil it down – the owner said errors drove him crazy. “I just go ballistic when they happen!” … My thought is the real issue is his reaction to […]

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