2018 Pricing Guides

Tom Crouser December 3, 2017 Comments Off on 2018 Pricing Guides

Crouser & Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce that purchases of 2018 subscriptions to any software guide will receive an automatic renewal to the 2019 Guide at no additional cost. Guides are available estimating printing prices on offset and digital presses. Both guides for Digital and Offset (PC and Mac versions) are now available for purchase and download from this website. This extends to 2018 pricing modules for PrintSmith Classic and/or PrintSmith Vision which also is available now.

With your subscription to Crouser Pricing for PrintSmith, it entitles you to use the Crouser Offset pricing on either PrintSmith Classic or the new PrintSmith Vision for the duration of your subscription. This is very helpful if you are in the process of transitioning from Classic to the new Vision and want to ensure your pricing stays consistent throughout the change.

If you prefer a hardcopy, printed version of the Offset guide:

Questions, email tom@crouser.com.

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